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About the Artist:

Born in Sydney Australia Cherie J. Payne spent some of her earlier, formative years residing in New Zealand, located at the base of snowy Mt Taranaki (Mt Egmont). But now considers herself a local having called Townsville home for the past twenty years, the largest urban centre of Far North Queensland.

Cherie's recently completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy (2019), having graduted from a Masters in Social Work (PQ), at James Cook University in 2015. Her prior artistic studies for a Bachelor & Honours degree in Visual Arts were at James Cook University, under the guidance of artists/lectures: James Brown, Ric Schmit (RIP), Connie Palomo, Anneke Silver and Anne Lord. Earlier creative endeavours & studies prior to university were undertaken at Noosa & Carins for a Certificate IV & Diploma in Art; under the instruction of TAFE lecturers & Artists: Lenore Howard & Jill Chism in Cairns.

Cherie works mostly in oil paint on canvas, the theme underpinning her artwork is a mixture of: inspiration of Nothern Queensland nature, with an interest in spirituality & emotionally associated imagery underpinned by lived experience from grief & loss of family ties. Cherie is drawn to the use of curvaceous & circular shapes in her conceptual design process, as feels this captures a feminine quality within her style; in addition to incorporating the spiral motif as associated with her childhood & also acts as a symbol for her love of nature

Like Alphonse Mucha Cherie agrees that: Art is Eternal.

For the Love of Nature...

Artist Statement:

Being worried about covid, due to having a weak chest inherited from my Mother & Grandmother, during the two weeks of isolation early this year, when covid entered our home, I utilised the time when not resting in bed, to start a self portrait. Being inspired by Frida Kahlo documentaries from my sick bed & her prolific self portrait work, in addition to admiring the numerous Aussie artists submissions on the Shervin Gallery website, I began to delve into analysing my own facial features & expressions in the mirror. I was raised in an old fashion context with the term to look too closely at ones self in the mirror was a sign of vanity, hense why I probably have not experimented much in the relam of self portraits. Pushing this ingrained thinking aside, in starting the self-portrait the conceptual process has been interesting, delving into the different layers of my own identity, which I will elaborate on here, when the painting is complete.

The Chinese Astrological Year of the Ox. Oxs’ are known for diligence, dependability, strength and determination. Having great patience a desire to make progress, Oxs’ can achieve their goals by consistent effort. They are not much influenced by others or the environment, but persist in doing things according to their ideas & capabilities ( I've been putting my creative ideas into play combined with my creative ability to continue crafting little Boho Coffee tables, with some commissions in between. In addition to excitment in gaining a promotion this year at my work place.

On the 100 year anniversary of the Spanish Flu the global Covid crisis has led us to re-evaluate the meaningfulness of our lives. With an emphasis placed on what we value more in life & bringing the human race closer to each other for support during troubled times - while keeping the 1.5 social distance. Also at a time in life when millions around the world have lost their employment I have been counting my blessing as have stepped into a dream job, a permanent role facilitating rehabilitation education, motivating others. This has been a year of eclectic creativity for me incldung: painting, boho decor designs & fun wine n paint nights.


Time has literally been of the essence this year, trying to squeeze my arts practise into fleeting moments when I can. My fulltime role, is quite intense; leaving little time left over during the week. Although, I am proud to share, in relation to the arts - that I have successfully completed my Diploma in Art Therapy this year. Yey, which was thoroughly enjoyable. I am also still experimenting with tattoo ink, when I can & hope to focus more on this medium during my upcoming holiday time; towards the end of the year. My creative concepts never stop rolling around in my arty mind, I just tell them to go & play until I get the time to let them flow into reality...

At the start of 2018 I'm trying hard to find time to continue my painting practise & currently bouncing between four different art works. Alongside continued experimentation with tattoo ink, completing further Art Therapy studies & volunteer work on weekends, while working full time as a counsellor during the week. Art is still my solace & escape from the chaotic pace of life around me. It is a blessing to have an artistic gift so I'm always striving to dedicate time to convey my concepts & allow my creative juices to flow. I have also found additional inspiration in carving out some quiet time to watch various movies based on the life & times of some historically Great Artists. Including: Frida Kharlo, Gutsav Klimt, August Rodin, Basquiat, Margaret Keane, Van Gough, Séraphine Louis, Joseph Turner & Paul Gauguin.

Numerologically speaking '2017' is predicted as being auspicious for great: progress, potential and promise. It has been a great start to the new year so far with creative experimentation in Tattoo Ink on Aquarelle Feuilles paper; an exciting change from the usual oils on canvas. New art work has been inspired by my favourite artist Gustav Klimt's Water Serpents and my youngest brother’s love of tattooing. My bebe bro, was a fabulous artist and extended his gift into the realm of tattooing. I’m now discovering the alluring brilliance of the tattoo ink colours used on paper. So here's to a year full of creativity...


The desire to paint has been impinged upon by the loss of my youngest Brother; followed by our Cousin, Mother then Father and two other loved ones held dear to our hearts; such losses are devastating for those left behind - as we hold tight to the notion that: ...

Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.
- By unknown

Death teaches us that Life is so fleeting ~ so make precious memeries while you can...

A new year and a new start hopefully less tears and more opportunities and inspiration to delve into creating additional artwork ...

Happy to have now completed a Masters degree, a significant accomplishment for someone who dropped out of high school early.

Having dyslexia as a young girl I never thought I would have gone on to love study or continued professional development (CPD), so much ~ if I can do it anyone can. It is not about being intelligent it all comes down to dedication and good time management. Although during the completion of this degree there was blood, sweat and tears involved; in particular the latter as my beautiful younger brother died this year ~ it ripped my heart out to find him... and I stuggled to continue with my studies ...and my life without him. The accumulation of grief can become overpowering, in having lost our third brother and a few weeks later our lovely cousin ~ who follwed them to Heaven. Earth is a much lonlier place now, especially without my bebe brother's presence. Although I have faith that their souls continue on and are lighter and happier on the other side.

A return to the Tropical North Queensland ~ immersed in the next stage of study ~ an expensive yet healthy addiction. And lately I have been squeezing in time to enjoy the more instantaneous medium of drawing.

A sojourn ~ in the Arts Capital of Australia ~ Melbourne, Victoria.

Heres to hoping my creative output this year will be more prolific.

I continue to appreciate the use of symbolism in art and remain focused on portraying: figurative works, works of a spiritual nature and pivotal memoirs; all designed from a conceptual art perspective. My minds eye is still drawn to using curvaceous and unusual shapes and eye-catching lines.

I enjoy digitally manipulating collaged compositions using Photoshop - with a focus on using positive and negative space to convey a well-balanced image. The preliminary digital collage or sketch is then drawn onto the canvas - I complete the works using beautiful colours brushed into the design using a scumbling-styled stroke.

Heres to happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

I'm busy being swept along by life and the necessity to make a living away from my art practice, which is sad. Although I continue to count my blessings and delve into my creativity, whenever time permits. My artistic accomplishments still delivers tremendous joy and most importantly forgives me for my frequent absence.

During my Arts education I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. Regarding my first love, painting, I prefer to work in oils on canvas due to the luminescent quality of the pigments. Drawing is a more instantaneous medium, which I also enjoy; although prefer to challenge myself to accomplish the same free flowing, relaxed style with the use of brush and paint. In selecting a favourite printmaking technique it would be lithography. I am fascinated with the lithographic process, especially the results derived from the surrendering of the age-old stone.

Dealing with the death of loved-ones is a reoccurring element underpinning the concepts within my work over the last few years. Although I try to capture brighter imagery, melancholy memories do frequent my medium. In describing my work on a whole it is about harmonizing the depiction of pleasant life experiences with tender recollections. Conveying this into visual imagery can sometimes pose a challenge, which I aim to remedy through the use of symbolism.

Most favourite artist: Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)


Other favourite artists: Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980)

Green Bugatti
Tamara de Lempicka


I love delving into my painting practice, when my brush hits the canvas I am propelled into another realm. When in the creative zone it is comparable to meditation. An emotional connection is formed during the creation process of each new piece; hence when someone wants to purchase a painting it is the best feeling to know that they must feel a similar connection.

Bride and Groom of the Eiffel Tower

Marc Chagall

Other favourite artists are: Frida Kharlo, Leonora Carrington, Marc Chargal and Kathe Kollwitz. Favourite Australian artist being Charles Blackman from the Antipodean Group.

Two Girls

Charles Blackman

Chronology of Exhibiting Experience and Art Education:

2021 - 2022 Nestt Home Decor & Giftware Shop, Willows, Thuringowa, Queensland.

2018 - 2019 Diploma in Art Therapy, Course. Queensland.

2019 Donation of in kind artwork to Good Shepherd Nursing Home, Douglas, Queensland.

2018 Art works displayed in Umbrella Gallery, Members Exhibition, Townsville City. Queensland.

2017/2018 Art work displayed at Park Haven Medical Centre, Hyde Park, Queensland.

2017 Art works displayed at Child Safety Service Centre, Thuringowa, Queensland.

2016 Art works displayed at K Mart Plaza Carvery Cafe, Aitkenvale, Queensland.

2016 Donation in kind to Charity Auction for Ronald McDonald House, Townsville.

2015 Mural work - Uniting Care Community Therapeutic Residence. Townsville, Queensland.

2014 Donation in kind to Townsville Hospital, Social Work Department.

2014 James Cook University, Group exhibtion for Mental Health week, in conjuntion with Social Work studies.

2014 Riverway Artist Markets Thuringowa, Pinnacles Gallery.

2013 Uke Art - at the Cairns Ukulele Festival. This year beneficiary of the Uke Art Exhibition and Auction is the Salvation Army.

2013 TOY TO THE WORLD PROJECT, Fund Raiser. Melbourne, Victoria. This years beneficiary of the Uke Art Exhibition and Auction is the Victorian Aids Council.

2012 Sydenham Library - Water Gardens - Brimbank City Council, Melbourne. Victoria

2012 Hunt Club Community Arts Centre - Sunshine, Melbourne. Victoria

2012 City of Whittlesea - Sites to be Seen - Personal Art in Public Places. Thomastown, Melbourne. Victoria

2012 ART-Town - Outdoor Art Session & Exhibition. Chapel Street Precinct. Prahran, Melbourne. Victoria

2010/2011 Exhibited Organi Gallery, Townsville

2009/2011 Exhibited Townsville City Library, Townsville

2010 Exhibited Good Shepard Nursing Home, Douglas. Townsville

2010 Fabric artist Linda Jackson - Ink on Silk workshop, Umbrella Studio

2009/2011 Exhibited Townsville City Council Community Services Sector, Thuringowa

2009/2010 Exhibited Thuringowa Corporate Library, Townsville

2009 Exhibited at Townsville City Council Corporate Governance - Thuringowa

2008 Gavin Ryan Workshop: Layering Techniques, Umbrella Studio, Townsville

2008 Commission by SEA O2 Corporation, Townsville

2008 Exhibited Pricewaterhouse Coopers Accounting Firm, Townsville

2008/2011 Perc Tucker Gallery, Art About Town Program show casing local Townsville Artists

2007/2008 Commissioned for a series of paintings for Kids in Harmony, Townsville

2007 Exhibited in Spiritual Fair, Brothers League Club Thuringowa

2007 August, Attended the Taubmans Paint Specialist Program

2007 Official Honours Graduation from James Cook University

2006 Completion of Honours Degree attached to Bachelor of Visual Arts, James Cook University, Townsville Qld

2006 May-2007 January. Toastmasters International. Magnani House, Townsville

2006 May. Exhibited work in conjunction with Fund Raising Event for Townsville Central Afternoon School Care – Metropolitan Hotel. South Townsville

2006 September. A Pictorial Compendium of an Afterlife, Umbrella Studio Townsville

2005 May. Perc's Purses. Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. Townsville, Qld

2004 December. Birthdays. Umbrella Studio's 2004 Members Exhibition. Townsville, Qld

2004 October. Exhibited Townsville Defence Force Cocktail Party. Surf Life Saving Club Strand, Qld

2004 Completed Bachelor of Visual Arts. James Cook University, Townsville, Qld

2003 December. Mural work for Guru's Tandori Hut: Indian Restaurant

2003 October. “Emerging” Third Year Bachelor of Visual Arts, Perc Tucker Gallery. Townsville. Qld

2003 August. "It's Not What it Seems". Panorama House. Castle Hill, Townsville. Qld

2003 June. Invited to participate in Life Drawing Demonstrations for the “Annual Northern Women’s Exposition” Artist Exhibit for the Life Drawing Presentation. Townsville Convention. Qld

2002 November. College of Music Visual Arts and Technology, James Cook University - "In House Exhibition" - for first and second year students. Vincent Campus, Townsville, Qld.

2002 November. Volunteer on Community Painting Project for Townsville Central Preschool, Snuggle Pot & Cuddle Pie. Townsville Qld

2002 May. Townsville Art Society Exhibition. Perc Tucker Gallery. Townsville, Qld.

2001 "One Thousand, One Hundred & Twenty Eight Hours" Cairns TAFE Student Exhibition, Qld

1999 February - 2001 May. Diploma of Visual Arts. Certificate IV in Visual Arts (Painting). Cairns TAFE Qld

1998 February-November. Certificate IV in Adult University Prep’ Course. Sunshine Coast Qld

1997 January-September. Certificate in Cartooning. ICS Learning, Sunshine Coast Qld

1996 May-June. Certificate in Calligraphy. ACE Education, Sunshine Coast Qld

1992 Modern Drawing & Painting Workshop. Hornsby High School, Sydney, NSW




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Coast to Coast Television Program, on Art in Townsville

Sun Newspaper, Townsville

Townsville Umbrella Studio News Letter & Website

Channel Seven, Local News Coverage


Selected Prizes and Awards:

2005 Awarded Merit based Commonwealth Government Learning Scholarship in conjunction with studies at James Cook University. Townsville. Qld.

2003 October. Received Painter of the Year Award, Bachelor of Visual Arts. James Cook University. Townsville. Qld.

2003 July Mount Isa Art Exhibition. First Place for Oils & or Acrylics. Mount Isa, Qld.


Cherie aspiring young artist at Whalan High School, with Art Teacher Mr Malleon.