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Made in - Australia by
© C.J.Payne

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I acknowledge the Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People
as the first people of this country & pay my respects to the
local traditional owners the Wulgurukaba & Bindal people
Elders, past, present & emerging.

C. J. Payne

Is proud to be involved with the worthy local charity

~ Ronald Mc Donald House ~


Featuring Cherieblossomart
in Connect Magazine, North Queensland - Cairns




Your website is wonderful. I feel in
awe of knowing such a talented person.
Your work to me is quite dreamlike and allegorical and has awakened in me
reminders of a lot of work I did on
Jungian psychology many decades
ago. I hope I can experience more
of your work in the physical present.

Kind regards,
Frank Gilbert
Area Manager UCC Mackay


Dear Cherie,

Hello from England!
Just been looking at your website, which I found whilst hunting for an Awen symbols for some jewellery I'm making., I'm really impressed with your paintings. I especially liked Judith, dancer and Lil box of dreams.
I'm an artist too, although I work mainly in 3d. I sculpt, mould, cast and paint figurines including a range of Celtic and Irish Gods and Goddesses and many other myth, historical and other fantasy pieces. If you fancy a look at my work my website is:

Best wishes, Mark Ayling


I cant wait to give him his present (Portrait of Lucy & Apollo), he is going to love it sooo much!! Thank you again. I absolutely love it and it's even better in person. You have done such anamazing job and this was the best idea I think I have ever had for a gift for him and I thank you so much for being so easy to get along with and keeping me up to date throughout the whole thing.

I can honestly say that i am 11110000% happy with you. You are amazing I can't thank you enough.

Mulvey Constructions

Dear Cherie,

I simply had to stop what I was doing and dash off a short email to you. I was doing an Internet search for swirl symbols for a customer's business card and in so doing came across Awen Energy. I clicked on the image and subsequently was redirected to your WebSite where I have just spent a few moments immersed in the beauty of your work. I needed to tell you how truly touched, moved, I am by the energy that you have been inspired to capture, not just by Awen Energy, but by the All that is there. I look forward to spending more time with these images later when I am at home. There are no accidents and I am Grateful for the Soul Discovery I have made today in finding your Soul's Visions encapsulated here in the CyberUniverse that joins people together that might not have had the opportunity otherwise....

When I look at your art work and it touches my soul, I feel inspired and convey that inspiration with
words. And since I don't have the same gift for creating art with paint or pastel or pencil, I feel the muse through words.

Downeast, Maine


Hi Cherie,

I would like to buy the lovely butterfly painting that you have cleverly painted. Also I was wondering if you could paint 2 more of the lovely little butterfly's that you painted for me for Xmas. My home desperately needs brightening up.



Hullo Cherie...

Blossom suits your painting style so much better than "Payne or pane or pain".......

I have just fallen in love with your work... You are very talented and paint from the heart... I would like to purchase the painting"A Honey Bird Appeared" I am so excited!!!!


Many thanks... I look forward to receiving the painting and attaching to
my office wall.

Hi miss Cherie!

Again, your art is phenomenal! What kind of prices for your work? ... I would love to buy something from you. Here in New Orleans there is a fantastic art community that would love your art as well. I have some friends here that I will be sharing your website with.

Thank you again, darling! Have yourself a most lovely day!

Tess Reneaux
New Orleans, LA



Made in - Australia by
© C.J.Payne




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